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Marcello, Genova, IT@ 4:39pm 01-14-2014
Hello from Marcello, Genova. Italy.

I’d like you send me VALID links to download all Fashion albums as all links found on your website are dead:

Thank you very, very much for your help

synth@ 4:40am 12-21-2013

Hi can you re-upload this?

thank you very much
summer s/@ 9:02pm 12-09-2013


marc@ 10:22am 07-27-2013
I Salttyka i discover your nice blog, I'm a fan of Jazz Butcher could reup these : and: and: and also i love jazz butcher its impossible to find these many many thanx
eda@ 5:47pm 07-15-2013
Hello Saltyka, I do love your music choices, it somehow always opens a new door to the universe. Could you reload Sandii thread? Thank you very much for the music...
Devin@ 1:38pm 06-26-2013
Would it be possible to re-up all the Mystic Knights and Oingo Boingo audio? Thanks
Andi@ 1:03pm 06-23-2013
Hi Saltyka
Thanx for this Great Site. I Look for the Double SINGLES, B SIDES, MIXES (2008), could you reupload it Or give me a valid link, please.
Frank Callaghan@ 11:57am 06-11-2013
This is a great site guys - but I have to point out one mistake - I was never in a band called the Giraffes in glad you enjoy the Outfield music as much as I still do after all these years.
peterpal@ 7:09pm 06-07-2013
Hi! Could you reupload all Nick Heyward & Haircut 100 files or give me valid links where to download them, please?
Thanks in advance.
Quack@ 10:05am 04-18-2013
link to Jim Walker you tube page with cast of thousands videos
Quack@ 9:58am 04-18-2013
I have emailed you the wrong email address cant access first one please use the one with uni in it many thanks again
Quack @ 9:45am 04-18-2013
Hi Saltyka

I soooooooo love Cast of Thousands. they are fabulous. I grew up in there home town of Derry and seen them in the Gweedore bar before they moved to London. I came to London and seen them play alot. I was wondering if you could email me the songs as it would bring back some lovely memories of home. the links dont appear to be working. if not could you direct me to were i could download the songs many many thanks Quack
Johnny@ 4:48am 04-08-2013
I am looking for a soundtrack from Tony Esposito from 1984 or 1985 .
The name of the Movie was er Schrei des Pelikans (with Franco Nero)or
das Geheimnis des schwarzen Tankers or Un marinaio e mezzo
or Un Solitario E Mezzo directed by Tommaso Dazzi .
Can you help me ?
I guess it was never released on CD. Thank you
Titus@ 12:12pm 03-20-2013

i stumbled onto your blog looking for a heligoland download...but unfortunately the link no longer there any other way that i can download it, please? you can email me:
R.Vimal Download lin@ 4:25pm 02-17-2013
Hi Saltyka, thank you very much for you blog, I am trying to download the link of Richar Vimal Album Aquarythmies, but it doesnt works. Would you please send the download link to my e-mal, I like that album a lot. Thank you very much. Best regards Mauricio from Colombia

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