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saltyka@ 5:57am 04-07-2010
@Min Raber
Paul Hyde -Turtle Island:

@Stuart Holland

Cava Cava - Brother Bright


Im sorry Ged, i dont have any from Henrik Fevre yet
ged@ 8:00am 03-31-2010
Hi your blog is very nice,I found a lot of thing it's great.
I would like to know if you have a link about henrik fevre album seasons of a soul.

Thanks to reply

Best Regards to Ged from France.
Stuart Holland@ 5:04am 03-20-2010
Hello,I have searched everywhere trying to find the MP3 of Cava Cava - Brother Bright and i'm wondering if anybody can help....
Thanks Stuart.
Min Raber@ 3:15pm 03-09-2010

I'm trying to obtain an MP3 version of "What Am I Supposed To Do", a song by Paul Hyde that appeared on his 1989 solo album "Turtle Island." Is there any way you could help me with this rather unusual request? Thank you kindly.

Min Raber
Kim@ 5:00pm 03-08-2010
Hey Vanessa e-mail me sometime Take care, Kim
saltyka@ 12:39pm 03-08-2010
Welcome Fredrik & Arielle and thank you for the kind words, it makes me happy to meet you here

@Kim Hi & thanks Kim!

@Dave hi, im sorry but dont know
Fredrik Lundvall@ 6:31pm 03-05-2010
Hi! Have just read the blogg and its very good.
Fun that you find that much info about us :-) Btw, Hanna Larsson is not the person you describe. She is living in a little town called Lysekil near us in Gothenburg. Hope you want to blogg more about us in OctoLab. Cheers from Gothenburg // Fredrik (and Arielle) in Octolab
Kim Weaver@ 3:16pm 02-23-2010
Love the blog! I worked with Vanessa a few years back and she looks more beautiful and vibrant than shown on her album cover. She is a tough cookie to keepup with also. Good luck for future endeavors with music and life.
Kim Weaver
Dave Hill@ 5:30am 02-18-2010
Hi - love the blog! Looking for a favour - I notice you have the Haircut 100 spring tour programme. Wonder if you happen to know the date for the band's show at Plymouth Top Rank in spring 1982? I was there but can't remember the date. Keep up the good work! Best.
Katharina@ 3:39pm 02-13-2010
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al@ 3:38pm 02-13-2010
Taxman@ 12:30pm 02-11-2010
The link:
doesn't work for: IAN DURY AND THE BLOCKHEADS - Do It Yourself
martin@ 8:37am 02-02-2010
I was wondering if it would be possible to re upload
as the link doesn't work anymore
saltyka@ 5:11am 01-24-2010
sure Chris, i will come up with some new stuff early next week. After it i will uplad the reqs too

Hi yes please
I know that he also played on MWH's The Adventures of Women and Men. He owns a site where he talk about his secret life, and even there some songs to download, but im not able to listen to them unfortunatelly. So thanks in advance if you send me some stuff


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