Theodosios Zambides@ 7:39pm 11-02-2021
Hi there!
In case you see this mail, could you please re-upload or provide me in any other way with download links (or magnet links, etc.) corresponding to the full discography of the Tuxedomoon (and the solo albums of the group members)?
I would be deeply thankful!
Best regards,
Mick G@ 5:44pm 01-08-2021
Hi, any chance of putting a new link to the Animal Nighlife Unleashed please? Would love to hear it!

Thank you.
PaweĊ‚ Matyjewicz@ 6:03am 05-07-2020
I have been following your blog for many years. You are my mine of knowledge about the 1980s
We have a problem among friends who recognize one song. Can you help

Greetings from Krakow.
J Nevius@ 9:03am 08-08-2019
I have two unreleased Neeva tracks recorded in 1985 at Todd Rundgren's studio. I lost your email.

Hope all is well,
J Nevius
Sebastian@ 5:03am 03-31-2019
Please re-upload Pookah Makes Three Collection! It would make my day/week/month/year
Agathzeblues@ 12:00pm 02-10-2019
Hi Saltyka, Can you re-send a link to Mad Hatters and Autumn rain from the Skyscrapers please. Thanks in advance.
Nicolas@ 1:26pm 07-12-2018
all the Rah BAND links are dead... can you reup ?
marc@ 7:35am 08-17-2017
Hi could you reup the JAZZ BUTCHER stuff
Thank a lot
Ziga@ 4:47am 05-09-2017
Hi, nice blog here, good music! Is there any chance to reuploud Radio Movie No Escape (12" and Search ?

Kind Regards
Headplate@ 7:59am 12-09-2016
Is it possible upload "Various - ARTISTS UNITED AGAINST APARTHEID - Sun City (1985)" again?

Palermo@ 5:57am 08-24-2016

If possible please upload the OMD files again in zippyshare.

I thank Yyou in advance

Renwick Mcneill@ 6:13pm 07-19-2016
Hi saltyka. I was the "roadie" for Croppa, really a pal of Mark Goldinger's, in the beginning. Arran, Saints and Sinners etc. Lost touch a long time ago. I just found your old blog and it awakened old memories. You had a recording of South Side Of The City on it, I would love to get a copy if poss. It was really their 'theme tune' at the time.
80sbeginner@ 1:21pm 04-21-2016
hi buddy!
I'm 80s beginner
I have youtube channel (my nickname).
half a year ago I posted the song Make Believe by DeFilm.
my video has only 51 views and 0 likes, bloody disgrace (
buddy, I want to re-upload this super masterpiece and add the lyrics to the new video. can you please photograph the lyrics and send them to my email? THANK YOU!
luke!@ 11:31am 03-07-2016

First, great blog. it's hard to find quality bogs/pages focusing on underground music as the web seems to be saturated with terrible sites focusing on edm and other such monstrosities of dance music. trust me, I have been looking and searching for a while now.

I am writing to see if you might like to host, feature or recommend a mix of mine, a long shot I know.
I feel it would sit nicely amongst your carefully chosen tracks and mixes as the styles/genres are similar, hence my messaging you.

I am also trying to promote myself a bit here, as you know, in this game, every little helps!

Previously, I ran / promoted gigs in Cambridge, where had everyone from Greg Wilson, Jane Fitz, Unnabombers, Faze Action, The Idjut Boys, Stevie Kotey, Kenny Dope and pretty much everyone who is on the Disco/Funk/ 80s tip play. Since then, I took a break and am now trying (ever so hard) to get back into gigging.

What I have done here is compiled a mix of real dusty, dubby and cosmic tracks in a low-slung slo-mo mix.
You can expect genres diverse such as rock, reggae, blues, cosmic 80s afro as well as a smattering of good old house and techno, most of the tracks are 80s era, there are quite a few that are new to me, and I spend hours every day listening to too many tracks.

You can check it out here,

There is also a proto techno mix on my page that you might also like, it is a dark, brooding selection that really does take you back, full of haunting atmosphere.

Please let me know your thoughts, if this is something that you would consider, any feedback is better than none.
I can write a small piece to give some context if needed.



Christian Westphal@ 1:50pm 01-10-2016
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