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Jonah Jones@ 3:21am 08-20-2012
Thanks for the great music !
kevin@ 3:20am 06-28-2012
Great blog..I'd really love to get a copy of this DOUBLE-SINGLES, B SIDES, MIXES (2008), preferably in WAV..if not the highest quality you have. I'm a HUGE fan of Double and it would mean ALOT to me..thank you in advance.
Elaine@ 8:14am 06-18-2012
Thanks for all the stuff about Fashion. I came across a track called 'Cherry Garden Road' released in 2011 by British singer songwriter Dave Harris (available to buy or sample on and Amazon). Is this the same Dave Harris who was lead singer of Fashion?
Janet@ 7:41pm 04-15-2012
Thanks so much for the great music and the history lessons.
Any chance of a re-up of Data Hero?
robert strain@ 12:30pm 04-03-2012
Like the site! I have a good quality recording of 4 Albania songs from a live Scottish radio session done back in 1981. Probably the only live Albania tape in existence. If you send me your email address, I'll send you a download link for it. The least I can do given your obvious enthusiasm for the music.
Clint Barger@ 4:45pm 03-03-2012
Hello Saltyka; thank you so much for posting dowloads of Abecedarians (I am a big fan). I LOVE the Resin and Smiling Monarchs downloads. Unfortunately the others are not working. Any chance you can repost of fix them? I would love to have the remaining music from Abecedarians. Thanks!
saltyka@ 9:51am 02-22-2012
good question ...currently there's no time for blogging. I've been meaning to bring up some updates but things just keep getting in the way ( it remains to be seen what the future holds ...
Rick@ 1:28am 02-15-2012
Will you ever be updating your blog?
Andys80s@ 1:59pm 11-24-2011
Now I see its still there but the link is dead...
"Rarest 80s music on the NET!"

Can you please update it with

Thank you!
Andys80s@ 1:56pm 11-24-2011
Hey saltyka,
Can you re-add my station link to your great blog?
You used to have the link back when I was at Geocities.
Thanks and keep up the great work!
Jennifer@ 12:47pm 11-20-2011
Nice review of Colourfield's Deception LP. I bought the recent re-release but it doesn't have the lyrics. Can you scan the lyrics from the original CD booklet, and publish them or e-mail them to me? Thanks.
Robin Menken@ 11:17am 11-01-2011
Do you have a working number for Dale Turner. The number we all have in Eugene is bad.. John Eric Greenberg died and I wanted to let him know about the memorial
Jirka@ 12:54pm 10-18-2011
Hi men, Máma Bubo (CZ) rise up after 10 years to start live playing AGAIN :-)
Eugene Sotela @ 12:46am 10-11-2011
Tonight I met with Adam Elesh (Drowning Pool), Brett Smith (Drowning Pool) and Chris Manecke and we all listened to the Tragic Symphonies tracks and a lot of exciting things will be happening with this material within the next couple of weeks!!
Mark E@ 7:58am 10-04-2011

I am trying to find out more about the dutch radio station who broadcast the Paradiso show by Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls. Anything you have will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark

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