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Muzic@ 9:41pm 09-23-2010
Thankz for offering such a great site and sharing hot tunes. I am having a problem where I have tried 3 times using different browsers and different operating systems. This link stops at 133 of the 158MB. It just freezes up and does not finish at the same place everytime.
I would really enjoy listening to these variations. Could you please reupload or check the file and find out why it stops when it gets to 133MB. I would really appreciate it. Thanx
pavelse@ 3:45pm 09-09-2010
Hi everybody, can you help me with Identification ?

Gerhard@ 7:54am 09-07-2010
I found the Groip Lake on ypour blog, unfortuantely the links doesnt work.
Could you update them? Iwould appreciate that a lot!
ChrisDD@ 12:33pm 08-29-2010
hi there first of all, thank you so much for all that information and the music. i do have a question and think that you might be able to help me out. there is this band called "washed out" which samples a lot of italo disco and old stuff. for example he did something really cool with gary low's - i want you (take a look, you might like it ). so here is my question: he has another song called "belong": do you recognize the song he used to make this? especially the drum and the synth section (i guess the other part is from englishman in new york) but it all sounds a bit like "general public" or "men at work" to me.. i guess it's not taken from those bands. Can you hear anything that sounds familiar to you? do you recognize the band or song which was copied and sampled? Or could you guess a familiar sounding italo band? any help would be great, i'd really appreciate your knowledge, thank you
Lennbob@ 12:59am 08-20-2010
Update re: Ippu-Do - Normal

The "official" English title of track 8 is "Do You Know?"; for track 11, it is "Don't Worry Baby". (Found this info on
Lennbob@ 12:54am 08-20-2010
Here's the full track listing for the CD edition of Ippu-Do's Normal album:

1. Adventure
2. Breakout Generation
3. Moonlight Love Call
4. TV Scene
5. Electric Doll
6. Panic in the City
7. I Love You
8. Puberty Part II
9. Chinese Reggae
10. Escape
11. Don't Worry
12. Morning Fantasy
13. Motto Real Ni
14. Dis-Communication
15. Adventure (live at Shinjuku Loft 1980.2.9)
16. Breakout Generation (live at Shinjuku Loft 1980.2.9)
17. Panic in the City (live at Shinjuku Loft 1980.2.9)

Note that 8 and 11 are English translations of the titles; they may not necessarily be the "official" English titles (if they exist, that is). 13 is simply a transliteration of the title, as taken from the 2010 compilation Essence: The Best of Ippu-Do (Sony Music Direct (Japan)).
Julius Dautzenberg@ 12:55pm 08-13-2010
For years, I've looked for a copy of "Tokyo Streets" by Glamour cult. I lived in Canada when the track came out, but the record was getting sold from band to store; I could not find a copy. Then I found it on one of your blogs under Hardest Hits Vol 3. Volumes 4 and 5 look interesting as well, but I get an error "file not found" when I try to download these. Any chance of fixing that? I would be grateful.
Lucy@ 8:10am 07-31-2010
Perhaps you can post this on the Paparazzi page. In reply to the peron who asked about demos. My mum knew some of the band in the 80's and their manager. I have a demo cassette made I think by the manager. The tracks are
Pictures of Love
Love Motions
Art of Motion
Girl in the Headlines
Don't stay all night
I found the cassette and put in the track titles on google and found you page. My mum said she knew the band under their real names. The ones you have are stage names.
lazy_guest@ 1:29am 07-12-2010
will someone pls reupload album 4 & 5 in
sry for this "leecher" act but can't find download link for them anywhere else
anyway i must say you are really generous for all these sharings! thx!
Claude Chaney@ 5:13pm 07-02-2010
Valerie, I am so happy to see that you are still going strong, sounding as great as ever after all these years. Isn't it wonderful that some things never change. I saw the Three Degrees in a recent tv appearance and the two new singers continue to uphold the tradition of excellence so unique to the Three Degrees. I hope to see you live when you perform in New York.
saltyka@ 12:59pm 05-31-2010
@mücrim hi, im sorry but dont know

sure, i will post them in the next few days
mücrim@ 5:42am 05-26-2010
Thank you very much for your shareds..

I'm looking for a long time listening. you know the name of this music?
Ningwegwe@ 2:54pm 05-12-2010
Hello Saltyka. Now that I have unzipped the files I am really enjoying the music. Would love to get Aurora Dawn; An Earth Star Trilogy; The Rythem of Life, and Tranquility Cove. If it is not possible to post them, maybe we could do a direct trade for tunes. Just burn CD's or Flashstick and mail. Please respond. Could you not leave this message posted. Thanks. Ningwegwe
Ningwegwe@ 4:24pm 05-08-2010
This is a quality memorial to a classic, yet mostly unknown composer, musician. Most of his work was never available un the U.S.. At least in the Pacific Northwest. Any chance of re-listing the 4 dead links on file send. The rapid share links seem to work fine. Thanks again to the tribute to someone who should have had much more exposure.
Bmovie@ 11:50am 05-05-2010
congratulations for the blog, very interesting, i have a blog in spanish, about music, soul,soul-jazz disco, italo disco, hi energy, with a radio podcast!!

Take a look and tell me what do you think!!Regards!!!

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