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Eugene@ 4:37am 09-26-2011
Last week a fellow Abecedarians asked me about this Tragic Symphony project. I am very good friends with Adam Elesh, Brett Thomas, Jon Thomas, and ANdrew Crane of LA's original Drowning Pool who worked very closely with the Abecedarians and were good friends. Turns out that Adam Elesh was part of this Tragic Symphony project along with Chris Manecke and two other musicians! I'm in works to get a copy of this myself and will share with Adam so he can identify these tracks!
Martin@ 12:51pm 09-25-2011
Saltyka, the "CAVA CAVA - The Collection " download link is dead?!
Ray Pratt@ 12:40pm 09-14-2011
Would love to download, but how do I get the links?
Richard@ 5:04pm 08-10-2011
I found this blog searching Google for a Terry Hall Album and found it
Jane@ 12:38pm 07-06-2011
Hi, Please can you tell me where I can download the following:-
MICHAEL SEMBELLO - Out Out/Gremlins...Mega Madness Geffen Records
Mark Crepps@ 1:40am 06-30-2011
I have been searching high and low for a track that appears in a listing on your blog, CANCIO DEL FUEGO by USTED DEL FUEGO from the film, Espion Leve Toi (1981). Where can I download this tune?
Matt Reid Cohn@ 7:58pm 06-16-2011
Thank you for posting such a thorough blog about Berlin. The band is a gift that keeps on giving, 29 years after I was lucky enough to join it.

Denis@ 12:10pm 04-28-2011
Some truly interesting info, well written and broadly user pleasant. I invite to my blog: Sport Węgrów
Big B@ 5:47pm 04-17-2011
Your Berlin blog is great, please repost the file at
as it has expired.
Thanks so much.
Kenn@ 12:16am 04-06-2011
I found that remix cassette in a pawn shop. The cassette broke (I tried to fix it) It was as your site expressed a "band ahead of it time"...Would love getting a fresh set of links to the music as they seem to be expired. Thanks for a great "blast from the past" site!
Madeline Faiella@ 11:50am 04-02-2011
Hi Ray. WOW. It's been quite a while but I saw you and thought I'd say hello. HELLO. Hope all is well. Maddy
Anne@ 10:58am 03-17-2011
Nice stuff

Anne@ 10:57am 03-17-2011
Nice stuff
Cesar@ 1:19pm 03-14-2011
Saltyka, please, upload your files to Filesonic, i need to download the VARIOUS - HARDEST HITS Vol 4 y 5. Thanks in advance.
Jon@ 11:42am 02-18-2011
I like your page/info for Evelyne Lenton. I really love (still) Belle Epoque's music. I grew up in the 70s but since I only had radio for music access as a kid, all I ever heard was "Black is Black." Wow, were they so much more than that!

I am writing you because I want to turn my new girlfriend on to Belle Epoque's shadowy disco sound. However, I am missing something very important which I have scoured the internet for and still cannot find: the lyrics to "Me and You" by Evelyne from
"Miss Broadway" ep. Do you have these lyrics or could direct me to a site that has them posted? I would really appreciate your help, if you are able. This new love of mine is very special to me and I want to present Belle Epoque to her in a way she will never forget...with "Me and You" as the very first song to enter into her lovely ears! Thank you so much for your time and attention! - Jon

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