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Martin@ 12:51pm 09-25-2011
Saltyka, the "CAVA CAVA - The Collection " download link is dead?!
Ray Pratt@ 12:40pm 09-14-2011
Would love to download, but how do I get the links?
Richard@ 5:04pm 08-10-2011
I found this blog searching Google for a Terry Hall Album and found it
Jane@ 12:38pm 07-06-2011
Hi, Please can you tell me where I can download the following:-
MICHAEL SEMBELLO - Out Out/Gremlins...Mega Madness Geffen Records
Mark Crepps@ 1:40am 06-30-2011
I have been searching high and low for a track that appears in a listing on your blog, CANCIO DEL FUEGO by USTED DEL FUEGO from the film, Espion Leve Toi (1981). Where can I download this tune?
Matt Reid Cohn@ 7:58pm 06-16-2011
Thank you for posting such a thorough blog about Berlin. The band is a gift that keeps on giving, 29 years after I was lucky enough to join it.

Denis@ 12:10pm 04-28-2011
Some truly interesting info, well written and broadly user pleasant. I invite to my blog: Sport Węgrów
Big B@ 5:47pm 04-17-2011
Your Berlin blog is great, please repost the file at
as it has expired.
Thanks so much.
Kenn@ 12:16am 04-06-2011
I found that remix cassette in a pawn shop. The cassette broke (I tried to fix it) It was as your site expressed a "band ahead of it time"...Would love getting a fresh set of links to the music as they seem to be expired. Thanks for a great "blast from the past" site!
Madeline Faiella@ 11:50am 04-02-2011
Hi Ray. WOW. It's been quite a while but I saw you and thought I'd say hello. HELLO. Hope all is well. Maddy
Anne@ 10:58am 03-17-2011
Nice stuff

Anne@ 10:57am 03-17-2011
Nice stuff
Cesar@ 1:19pm 03-14-2011
Saltyka, please, upload your files to Filesonic, i need to download the VARIOUS - HARDEST HITS Vol 4 y 5. Thanks in advance.
Jon@ 11:42am 02-18-2011
I like your page/info for Evelyne Lenton. I really love (still) Belle Epoque's music. I grew up in the 70s but since I only had radio for music access as a kid, all I ever heard was "Black is Black." Wow, were they so much more than that!

I am writing you because I want to turn my new girlfriend on to Belle Epoque's shadowy disco sound. However, I am missing something very important which I have scoured the internet for and still cannot find: the lyrics to "Me and You" by Evelyne from
"Miss Broadway" ep. Do you have these lyrics or could direct me to a site that has them posted? I would really appreciate your help, if you are able. This new love of mine is very special to me and I want to present Belle Epoque to her in a way she will never forget...with "Me and You" as the very first song to enter into her lovely ears! Thank you so much for your time and attention! - Jon
David RF Wohlman@ 8:47pm 02-05-2011
I know this is asking a lot - but is there any way you can update your YMO family links. I would die and go to heaven if I could download these treasures!!!!!!

Please let me know if there is anything you are searching for . The Wohlman Archives is fully stocked.



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