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mücrim@ 5:42am 05-26-2010
Thank you very much for your shareds..

I'm looking for a long time listening. you know the name of this music?
Ningwegwe@ 2:54pm 05-12-2010
Hello Saltyka. Now that I have unzipped the files I am really enjoying the music. Would love to get Aurora Dawn; An Earth Star Trilogy; The Rythem of Life, and Tranquility Cove. If it is not possible to post them, maybe we could do a direct trade for tunes. Just burn CD's or Flashstick and mail. Please respond. Could you not leave this message posted. Thanks. Ningwegwe
Ningwegwe@ 4:24pm 05-08-2010
This is a quality memorial to a classic, yet mostly unknown composer, musician. Most of his work was never available un the U.S.. At least in the Pacific Northwest. Any chance of re-listing the 4 dead links on file send. The rapid share links seem to work fine. Thanks again to the tribute to someone who should have had much more exposure.
Bmovie@ 11:50am 05-05-2010
congratulations for the blog, very interesting, i have a blog in spanish, about music, soul,soul-jazz disco, italo disco, hi energy, with a radio podcast!!

Take a look and tell me what do you think!!Regards!!!
Shelley@ 5:23pm 04-11-2010
Hey a good site . Lost touch with the Gems in 1986..
Where are they all now?
ged@ 7:04pm 04-09-2010
thanks to reply so quickly saltyka,but if you have some link about this artist please tell me it

best regards from ged.
Bart@ 12:39pm 04-07-2010
Hi Salty,

How are you doing? Do you like the Ultimate80s shows?
Any request or mayby some upcomming blog announcements for you blog?

Let me know!


saltyka@ 5:57am 04-07-2010
@Min Raber
Paul Hyde -Turtle Island:

@Stuart Holland

Cava Cava - Brother Bright


Im sorry Ged, i dont have any from Henrik Fevre yet
ged@ 8:00am 03-31-2010
Hi your blog is very nice,I found a lot of thing it's great.
I would like to know if you have a link about henrik fevre album seasons of a soul.

Thanks to reply

Best Regards to Ged from France.
Stuart Holland@ 5:04am 03-20-2010
Hello,I have searched everywhere trying to find the MP3 of Cava Cava - Brother Bright and i'm wondering if anybody can help....
Thanks Stuart.
Min Raber@ 3:15pm 03-09-2010

I'm trying to obtain an MP3 version of "What Am I Supposed To Do", a song by Paul Hyde that appeared on his 1989 solo album "Turtle Island." Is there any way you could help me with this rather unusual request? Thank you kindly.

Min Raber
Kim@ 5:00pm 03-08-2010
Hey Vanessa e-mail me sometime Take care, Kim
saltyka@ 12:39pm 03-08-2010
Welcome Fredrik & Arielle and thank you for the kind words, it makes me happy to meet you here

@Kim Hi & thanks Kim!

@Dave hi, im sorry but dont know
Fredrik Lundvall@ 6:31pm 03-05-2010
Hi! Have just read the blogg and its very good.
Fun that you find that much info about us :-) Btw, Hanna Larsson is not the person you describe. She is living in a little town called Lysekil near us in Gothenburg. Hope you want to blogg more about us in OctoLab. Cheers from Gothenburg // Fredrik (and Arielle) in Octolab
Kim Weaver@ 3:16pm 02-23-2010
Love the blog! I worked with Vanessa a few years back and she looks more beautiful and vibrant than shown on her album cover. She is a tough cookie to keepup with also. Good luck for future endeavors with music and life.
Kim Weaver

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